When using Splododyne material under a CC BY 4.0 or similar license I suggest this format for attribution when appropriate:

[Name of Item] by Splododyne, License CC BY 4.0


[Name of Item] by <a href="https://www.splododyne.com">Splododyne</a>, License <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/">CC BY 4.0</a>

Replace "[Name of Item]" with the title of the image or item.

How ever you credit me please include that the item used is by Splododyne, the name of the item, a link to this website, and the license.

PLEASE NOTE that not all images or items on this site are licensed with Creative Commons or similar. Some retain full copyright. So please check the usage permission for each item you want to use. Contact me to negotiate permission to use restricted items.