Can't see the videos on this site? They are probably blocked by your ad blocker, script blocker or privacy settings in your browser.


The videos usually have a link under them to a video site, Vimeo for example, where they reside. Click that and watch the videos on the Splododyne channel there.

If you want to correct the problem and watch them embedded here then read below.


Websites now days like to track our activities and invade our privacy. Many people use tools in web browsers (Firefox,Internet Explorer) to block the snooping. Such tools include advertisement blockers, script blockers, anti-tracking, and privacy settings. Google, which owns Youtube, is notorious for snooping and tracking.

Not all of the activities of scripts are invasive. Scripts often are the software performing a service we want such as playing a video. So blocking them can be a mixed blessing. We often face a choice of foregoing enjoyment of a popular website or allowing their tracking.

My videos are on Vimeo and I may start using Rumble.


Scripts, Advertisements, Tracking

Many web browsers like Firefox have features and add-ons to block these. I recommend you use these at maximum settings. However, some websites won't work unless the settings are temporarily reduced.

Vimeo Scripts



Private Browsing Mode

This is usually not a problem for the videos if you have reduced protection as above ... which means private browsing is effectively off for those sites.


Cookies are small bits of information that websites can store on your computer when you visit them. Like scripts they have legitimate uses but are also popular for tracking and other bad things. You may have to temporarily allow some cookies.

I'm not sure if Vimeo requires cookies to function. This will be updated later.

Other Browsers

Internet Explorer, Edge, Brave, Tor, Dissenter, Chrome and many others. I use Firefox so I don't know specifics about them. The nature of the problem should be the same: scripts, tracking, privacy settings.