Soon the usual legal wording will be here. Until then here is a disorganized summary.

Be informed: While I do respect privacy, I am not concerned with European rules about storing IP addresses. Nor do I make any effort to comply with any laws or rules by the states of California or New York regarding websites.

If you register so you can make comments here you will provide certain information to do that. Your login name, password, and email address are private. Information you send through the contact form or email is private. Comments you make on the articles and your display name are not private. If you choose to reveal personally identifying information in a non-private area then it is not private by your choice. (For example, if you use your real name as your display name or put personal information in a comment.)

If you have login credentials you are responsible for keeping them secure. If you publish or reveal your user name (login name) or password to others I will suspend or terminate your account. If you reveal private information about others I will terminate your account and retain data related to it in case it is needed for legal action.

I use analytics software (hit counter). The system stores the data locally not in "the cloud" or on some third party service. Such software does record information provided by visitor's browsers. My interest is in aggregate statistics and trends and detecting harmful activity. I won't sell private information about my visitors. I won't give it to other parties except as noted below.

In certain circumstances such as crimes, hacking, threats, or other wickedness I will disclose information to others or use it to attempt to identify individuals. That potentially includes any information in my possession. Such disclosure can include providing information to experts or law enforcement. Of course I will cooperate fully with any demand or request for information by US law enforcement, the US government, or its agencies. Agents or officers of other countries must channel their requests through US officials and I might not comply depending on what country and why they want it.

I take reasonable measures to keep this site and the data secure but no security measures are 100% effective. That means I can't guarantee that your private information won't be stolen.

There are advertisements and links to other sites on this site. I am not responsible for the privacy policies of those sites, their content, or their behavior.

Any monetary transactions are carried out by third parties, such as PayPal, Zazzle, or the vendors of products and services I advertise here. I never have any credit card or other private financial information about my visitors.


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