Modified: Feb. 24, 2021 - Original Policy


Splododyne respects privacy.

In general Splododyne considers information not intended to be published on the site to be private.


  • collects information and may retain it indefinitely.
  • does not provide information about guests or members to other parties except in special circumstances or to maintain site security.
  • will remove your data on request unless it being is retained due to a special circumstance.
  • attempts to use software and services from vendors that respect privacy.


Be informed that Splododyne makes no attempt to comply with European privacy laws or regulations or those of the states of New York and California.

The privacy policy may be modified at any time. The date of modification will be displayed at the top of this page and notes about the modification will be posted below this policy.



The information usually contained in host server logs such as IP address, page URL, referral, timestamp, browser, and operating system may be collected. Splododyne's hosting provider keeps server logs and Splododyne may use them if available.

Information provided through voluntary action by guests and members through the forms on the site or by email may be retained.

The actions of members are logged when they are logged in. "Actions" include such activity as logging in or out, posting a comment, changing user profile, etc. Logged in activity of site admin and managers is also logged.



Splododyne uses information to protect the security of the website, avoid spam, for site traffic analysis, and to communicate with members or guests when appropriate. Splododyne does not send spam.

 Normal Circumstances

Splododyne has no interest in identifying individuals visiting the site (guests) under normal circumstances.

Members voluntarily provide a verifiable email address to register.

Emails or information sent through the contact form may be used to contact a guest or member to discuss that person's concerns or requests. Information submitted through the contact form or email is considered private unless the sender requests otherwise.

Only information that is intended for publication on the site will be shown on the site. Comments, a member's alias name, and a members avatar image, are considered public and may be published on the site. Members are responsible for any private information they provide with intent that it is displayed. For example: putting your home address in a comment or using your real full name as an alias.

Splododyne uses various security systems provided by third parties on the site's forms and behind the scenes. These systems help to protect the site from hacking, spammers, bots, and other malicious or unwanted activity. These systems analyze various data and may send data to the providers of those systems. Splododyne attempts to use vendors who respect privacy.

Special Circumstances

Splododyne will provide needed data to third parties under certain circumstances such as cooperation with criminal investigation.

Splododyne will use all available data to investigate malicious activity such as hacking, criminal action, threats, or similar. All needed data may be provided to U.S. state, federal, or local law enforcement, security specialists, professional investigators, and the the site's hosting service. In this special case the identity, location, or any other information about the perpetrator(s) will be sought for purposes of legal action and improving defenses vs. such activity.

Also see Third Party Access.



Connections to Splododyne are encrypted through the use of SSL. The website uses various tools and techniques such as captcha's, bot traps, honey pots, and anti-spam blacklists to prevent unwanted intrusion through the site itself. The hosting service implements various security measures. No security measures are 100% effective so Splododyne cannot guarantee the security of information.



Links to other websites appear on Splododyne is not responsible for the privacy policies of those websites.



Splododyne uses software or services from third party vendors. Spolododyne attempts to use vendors who respect privacy. Splododyne is not responsible for the privacy policy of those vendors and guests and members are advised to read the vendors policies. Current vendors include:


Under special circumstances Splododyne will use information or provide it to third parties as noted below.

  • If required by law due to a subpoena or court order by a U.S.A. court.
  • If requested by U.S.A. state, local, or federal law enforcement.
  • If requested by a U.S.A. government agency.
  • For investigation of hacking or other malicious activity.
  • Business transfers such as a sale or merger.


Information may be retained as needed for special circumstances. Courts, law enforcement, and agencies of countries other than the U.S.A. must pass their need for information through a U.S.A. court, agency, or law enforcement.



Splododyne uses Joomla which may or may not use a cookie to record that a user is logged in.



Splododyne is hosted on servers in the United States. Personal information including collection, storage and use will be governed by this privacy policy.

Splododyne makes no attempt to comply with European privacy laws or regulations.



 Data may be kept indefinitely.



Splododyne will honor requests to remove your information unless there are legal requirements or reasons related to special circumstances to retain it.



Feb. 24, 2021 This is the original policy.