Each year I go hiking on my Birthday.

BD2018 pano

Panorama. Click here and enlarge for full size. Pan with scroll bar.

I want to visit the distant land and mountains on the horizon. That is remote and hard to reach. Much of the flat land in the distance is an off limits military reservation. Driving around that is a long trip and large areas have no roads. That will require camping for a multi-day journey if I go there someday.

BD2018 AntsHome

BD2018 BackRoad

An ant colony and a dirt road. I could drive on most of these roads but they go through sand near the highway.

BD2018 RabbitTrack

BD2018 CowTracks

Rabbit and cow tracks I think. Tracks tell stories.

BD2018 Wind1

BD2018 Wind2

Wind leaves tracks of its own kind. They also tell stories.

BD2018 tvs

Digital and analog.

BD2018 yucca

An old yucca stump.


You can use these images, Birthday Hike 2018, under a CC BY 4.0 license. About Credits

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