A walk along a stream.


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 This stream is in a canyon nearby. A steep path leads from a mountain road to the stream a few hundred feet below.

wf2 22 18 1 rock

This rock layer is at the bottom of the trail. It has tubes in it that were probably formed by ancient sea life.

wf2 22 18 2 metal

The wreckage of an old car or truck. Several vehicles have tumbled from the winding mountain road above and can be seen along the bottom of the canyon. The wrecks are all old. Now the road is lined with guard rails. I preferred the the road with guard rails only at key places. These boulders are part of fan of debris from building the road. It looks flat in this photo but is really part of roughly 40 degree slope. I see a large pipe and a flat area above. I'll climb up there to see what that is.

 wf2 22 18 3 crinoids

Crinoid fossils in one of the boulders.

wf2 22 18 4 crinoids2

More fossils?

wf2 22 18 5 toppath

This path is at the top of the boulder fan. Above this is the pipe and flat place. Four or five ladies were walking here. They said this path is accessible from the road a bit away from the usual trail.

wf2 22 18 6 canyon

A view of the canyon into the basin.

wf2 22 18 7 ladies

The ladies are walking along a ledge. Later I found that this path leads almost to the waterfall.

wf2 22 18 8 pipe

The pipe is part of the water supply for my town which is no surprise. From below I thought the debris fan was beside the tunnel. That would mean the flat area was some construction not visible from the road. No mystery though. The flat area is the road. This tunnel is said to be the only one for automobiles in the state.

 wf2 22 18 9 rope

At the bottom of the canyon again moving along the stream. Thank you to whoever put a helpful rope here.

wf2 22 18 10 arch

The rock is carved onto interesting shapes.

wf2 22 18 11 waterfall

The waterfall. There are several waterfalls along the stream. I estimate that this one is 12 to 15 feet tall. Watch the video for a full view of it.

wf2 22 18 12 tracks

These tracks are near the waterfall's pool. They look like cat or canine tracks. They have a pad and four toes. If two were pushed together in the mud it could look like this. The shape fits a canine better but there are no claw marks which means a cat. The size fits a young mountain lion (cougar, puma) more than a bobcat. I think it is a coyote or dog.

wf2 22 18 13 moon

wf2 22 18 14 cliff

This slope could provide a way climb out of the canyon. I might explore that someday.

My camera's microphone doesn't provide high quality sound. The water in the video sounds like white noise at a higher pitch than the deeper gurgling sound it really had. I lowered the pitch which helped a little.


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