A CG animation with fluid simulation and generated trees.

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Learning Blender fluid simulation and sapling tree generator.

The wind motion of the trees is subtle but adds realism. The fluid simulation has places that act like obstacles but there is nothing there. Fortunately, that is not visible in the full render. I used denoising to remove fireflies, bright specks, in the water but that also removed sparkles. To correct that I added some gloss to the water shader.

The glass and water shaders need work since parts near the bottom have dark areas. Part of that is due to low render settings to reduce render time to less than thirty seconds per frame. The water uses the glass shader with the index of refraction at 1.33.

The fluid simulation took about an hour to bake and the finished renders of 510 images/frames took around 4.5 hours. I used HitFilm Express 2017 to compose the finished video.

The glass and water look much better rendered with five-hundred samples but that takes too long for an animation.

Cycles gpu render on a gtx1060.
Blender 2.79

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