This was for a contest with the theme "new Star Wars creature or weapon".


I made this version as a screen background.

The creature Jedi is controlling the ball with the Force while another Jedi prepares for battle. A three legged native creature approaches.

SWChallenge Entry

This is the version I entered in the contest.


The saber ball is a multi light saber weapon. It floats like the training ball Luke Skywalker used on the Millennium Falcon. Its movements can be controlled by using the Force, by technological mind link, or with a hand held device.



I modeled a morph based on a Daz generic character for the creature Jedi, modeled his clothes and painted him in Hexagon.

Saber Ball: Modeled in Hexagon
Creature Jedi: Morph and clothes modeled in Hexagon. Painted in Hexagon.
Creature Three Legs: Modeled and painted in Hexagon. Rigged and posed in Daz.
Human Jedi: Daz Character and clothes
Terrain: Bryce
Render: Daz with Iray


You can use these images, Star Wars, under a CC BY 4.0 license. About Credits

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