I decided to do a version of this project with a focus on photo realism. I prefer interesting ideas and artistic styles but realism does not exclude those and the technical challenges were educational and fun.


The Bust

The bust is part of a Daz character that I extracted and modified in Hexagon. Thanks to Draise for closing a troublesome hole in the bust for me. I could not wrap a stone texture around it in a satisfactory way so I painted one on it in Sculptris.


The Emeralds

These emeralds are somewhat flattened spheres made so simple that they only have a few polygons. That gives them jewel like facets. I removed some edges and vertices to make the facets look like typical jewels but I did not study the cuts of real ones. Emerald is a type of beryl. Its index of refraction is from 1.5 to 1.6. I could not find the Abbe number (v-number, constringence) for it but I read that it does not have much dispersion ("fire", colorful prism effect) so I used the Abbe number of sapphire.

With my new video card I can render fast enough to use caustics for realistic light effects where light passes through or reflects from objects and forms bright patterns.


The Perfume Bottles

Photo realism requires that the objects are constructed realistically. The bottles have plugs or caps that are separate items. They could be removed and the bottles shown open. Making the liquid was difficult. I found tutorials on the internet.

The Perfume is a copy of part of the inner glass surface. It is slightly larger than the inner surface. Perfume is mostly alcohol which has an index of refraction around 1.36. I didn't change it from the software's water material but that's close enough.

The close up shows the caustics effect which is not that visible in the main picture. I made a label with a cord but it is too difficult to fit it to a bottle. So, I'll wait until I learn Blender. Then I'll use its physics, cloth, or soft body simulations to let the corded label settle into place. That would work for the necklace too. The label has my logo and "Perfume of Finis" in Futurama's Alienese 2.

The bottle with a square bottom and round top is modeled after one in my sister's collection.





The Room

The display is a backdrop for the necklace. I made the room so the reflective objects would have something to reflect, especially the ceiling lights, and so the light could bounce correctly, and because I might finish the room. I didn't make the people or their clothes. They are free Daz items. There is little normal clothing in the free stuff so I used what was available. The woman's clothes were made for different models. Most adapted well to her but the sweater was troublesome.



Modeling: Daz Hexagon
Texturing: Daz Studio and Sculptris
Rendering: Iray in Daz
Characters and Clothing: Daz free models

= = = The parts below were published on April 9, 2013 = = =

U3DAC Jewelry

The necklace strands were modeled in Hexagon as curves extracted from the stand with the thickness tool applied. The display stand is part of a Daz Studio model and this was rendered with Kerkythea.

Baby Hulk happy! Emeralds green!



You can use these images, Emeralds and Gold, under a CC BY 4.0 license. About Credits

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